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Regional Planning Commission Reports

The New Hampshire Association of Regional Planning Commissions presents available data, maps, and reports used to view demographic, historical, land use, tax, income, housing, commuting and child care data for communities in New Hampshire.

What is available?


New Hampshire Association of Regional Planning Commissions

What is the Data?

Content: local, planning, regulation, population, historical, land use, tax rates, income, poverty, employment, housing, commuting, recreational area
Population: all ages
Years Collected: 2011,2012
Geographic Region: SAU level; aggregated by region for requesting communities (e.g. Monadnock Region, 2000); data for each two years aggregated into multi-community data report (e.g. 2000-2001 TAP Multi-Community Report)

How was it collected?

Method: Data are compiled from the US Census Bureau, NH Office of State Planning, NH Department of Employment Security, and local sources of planning information.

Regional Planning Commission Reports