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Regional Health Profiles

The New Hampshire Regional Health Profiles are a set of community health profiles that provide information to assess the health and well-being of NH's population using a variety of data sources.

What is available?



What is the Data?

Content: healthcare service area, population, income, self-pay, Medicaid, education, high school, poverty, health insurance, births, smoking, unmarried, prenatal care, low birth weight, cancer, heart disease, suicide, unintentional, intentional, admissions,
Population: all ages
Years Collected: 2001-2011
Geographic Region: The 24 Healthcare Service Areas (HSA) of New Hampshire.

How was it collected?

Method: Data for the report come from various sources, including the Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care, hospital discharge, Cancer Registry, vital statistics, the NH Health Insurance Coverage and Access Survey, and the NH Department of Employment Security.

Regional Health Profiles

Address: 129 Pleasant Street
City: Concord
State: NH
Zip: 03301
Phone: 603.271.5256