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Oral Health Report

The "New Hampshire Oral Health Report" is a collection of data obtained from a variety of surveys to present information on oral health status and access to care for adults and children in the state of New Hampshire.

What is available?


Bureau of Rural Health and Primary Care, Oral Health Program

What is the Data?

Content: BRFSS, insurance, fluoride, fluoridation, dental, dentist, teeth, oral health, oral, school, adult, child, cancer, birth, death, tobacco, surveillance, sealants, decay, caries, cavities
Population: all ages
Years Collected: 2002-2010
Geographic Region: State, with some information about particular school or community-based programs

How was it collected?

Method: Data for the report come from various sources, including the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, Youth Tobacco Survey, Family Insurance Survey, Third Grade Oral Health Survey, Cancer Registry, and vital statistics data.

Oral Health Report

Address: Division of Public Health Services
29 Hazen Drive
City: Concord
State: NH
Zip: 03301
Phone: 603.271.5926