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Communicable Diseases Data

The Communicable Disease Control and Surveillance Program data set includes data used to monitor communicable (infectious) diseases in NH.

What is available?


Health Statistics and Data Management, DHHS

What is the Data?

Content: communicable disease, TB, vaccine, STD, influenza, flu, hepatitis, meningitis, foodborne, surveillance
Population: all ages
Years Collected: 1998-2014
Geographic Region: State, County, Town

How was it collected?

Method: Physicians, other health care providers, people in charge of any public or private institution are required to report any cases and suspected cases of reportable diseases directly to the state.

Communicable Diseases Data

Address: Division of Public Health Services
29 Hazen
City: Concord
State: NH
Zip: 03301
Phone: 603-271-4496