Welcome to the New Hampshire Health Data Inventory!

With support from the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, the New Hampshire Institute for Health Policy and Practice will continue to maintain and grow the Health Data Inventory that was developed in 2000 by Institute and Department as part of the Empowering Communities Project.

The Health Data Inventory is an INVENTORY of health data sources and reports. The Health Data Inventory (HDI) provides useful information about these sources and links to organizations that manage the data. The HDI is not a warehouse of raw data.

In the design process, we sought to create an inventory that could provide concise information about data sources in a more user-friendly format than any other search engine on the web today! New additions to the site include an index format (the complete inventory!), organization of data sources by TOPIC AREA (e.g. pregnancy and infant health, environment) and by relevant AGE GROUP (e.g. children, adolescence), and an improved KEYWORD function. In adding these components, we intend to make your search for data and information more efficient.

Think of the HDI as your list of Internet "Favorites" for population or community health data. The Internet can be confusing and overwhelming with the vast amounts of information; we hope you find that your search for good data about the health of New Hampshire is streamlined though the use of the HDI. We have carefully selected high quality data sources and provided information about those sources here.

What is in the health data inventory?

The Health Data Inventory provides information about data sources including: 
links to the data sets and reports, the dates of the most recent data available, the geographic level of the analysis, and contact information for the office that stewards the data set and/or distributes the report.